“I test a lot of products. This is the first one in a long time that has delivered a serious ‘Wow!’ factor.”

Rebecca Petris
Founder / Owner, The Dry Eye Shop

We are still a tiny startup, but we do boast one powerful, independent review.

Rebecca Petris has probably tested more dry eye products than anyone else on earth, in order to help people with ongoing eye discomfort. Here are the chief excerpts of what she has to say about OcuTherm.

From Rebecca Petris’ Review of the OcuTherm Essentials™ Kit

Posted on the Dry Eye Shop

My experience and what I think

(Sept 2020) I test a lot of products. This is the first one in a long time that delivered a serious “Wow!” factor.

[…]I am distinctly aware of the wide ranges of likes and dislikes when it comes to warm compresses – including my own. Some compresses are large, some small, some smooth, some knubbly, some moist, some dry, some easy-wash, some scary. We all have different needs, preferences and tolerances.

The first time I tried this out, I was not expecting any surprises. But I just… felt… so… goooooood the entire time it was on. There was a very real “je ne sais quoi” factor. I lay down with this thing on my face and I just did not want to get up again. It was simply so relaxing. When I tried to analyze it, I came up with two main things: One, it sinks in and conforms super well to your eyes and face, something I look for in all compresses, but none has ever delivered this well. Two, the material, I concluded, must be a lot softer than any other type of gel pack I’ve used. There’s a particular feel most plastic casings have on my skin and this one, in my experience, is different and better.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I loathe the hyperbole of marketing language. I feel embarrassed thinking marketing words, let alone writing them down or saying them out loud. But the word “hug” kept coming to mind, like this thing just held my face so completely and gently. Have you ever used a weighted blanket? It was also slightly reminiscent of that, somehow, but for the eyes and upper face.

I am supposed to be describing a dry eye product, not a spa or therapy session. I just can’t help sharing what the experience was like. But to make this more relevant to the MGD crowd: Because of the way the compress conforms to the eyes, I actually feel confident it will do a better job delivering heat to more of the gland orifices in each lid than any other home care item I’ve tried.[…]