About Us

About Advanced Thermal Therapeutics LLC

Advanced Thermal Therapeutics LLC, d/b/a OcuTherm, is a small company devoted to helping patients find relief from ocular discomfort.

Our products have been researched, tested, and improved upon for more than a decade.

We appreciate the positive feedback we have received from patients and doctors. We look forward to serving your needs in the future.

The Story Behind OcuTherm®

During his early training as a cornea specialist, our inventor assisted in the treatment of hundreds of patients with dry eye syndrome. He also assisted in a clinical research study which found that, when patients followed specific study instructions, moist heat treatments applied to the eyelids could be effective in treating MGD and blepharitis.

Once he was in private practice, however, many patients complained to him that commonly-available eyelid heat treatments were awkward, unclean, or difficult to apply in daily life, making them a “labor-intensive” burden.

The inventor began self-funded research on an improved eye compress. He built all of his models starting with simple materials, testing prototypes and formulas first on himself, and then on others. He made countless improvements based directly upon users’ feedback, constantly seeking to create a perfect treatment for all users. The final result is the OcuTherm System.

Our inventor, Seth Biser, M.D., is an ophthalmologist in clinical practice. He served as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at New York University from 2002-2023.